Guide Rods…

Let’s face it. Manufacturers are using molded plastic guide rods as a cost cutting measure. Plastic guide rods offer “adequate” performance and durability for their intended purpose for most shooters. Statistically, they hold up well. Replacing the plastic rod with a B~T rod is a surefire way to eliminate this weak link while improving the recoil characteristics of your gun.

Sometimes the smallest changes make the biggest difference, especially for the person holding the pistol.

A stainless guide rod will NEVER break, melt, chip, crack, warp, flex or anything else that guide rods aren’t supposed to do.

A top notch stainless guide rod from B~T WILL cycle more smoothly, add weight under the muzzle, and give you peace of mind that your pistol will function reliably without breakage.

$16.00 for a Steyr spring?

$16.00 may seem a little high for a spring so let’s rationalize it in several ways…

1) the M and M-A1 aren’t even in current distribution in the US. which means…

2) Steyr isn’t producing or exporting recoil assemblies from Austria in any great quantity.

3) BT removes the spring from the factory plastic rod, meaning that part of the $16.00 went to covering the cost of the rod and the cost of putting the spring on the rod.

4) If you decide to experiment with an alternate spring, you’ll likely pay $8 + $5-$10 in shipping just getting the spring to your door anyway.

THEN, you get to figure out how many coils to clip to make it both travel fully rearward AND solidly lock the slide into battery.

THEN you’ll likely spend $20 on ammo so you can drive to the range and test to see if it works. If it doesn’t?… back to square one.

Knowing this, $16.00 starts to look like a deal for a drop-in reliable part.

Some people just have to tinker with their pistols to get them the way they like them. If you’re one of those who likes the thought of taking on a little project in the pursuit of personalized Steyr perfection, B~T offers guide rods that use Glock sized springs for your Steyr M/M-A1 Series. A close match would be an 18 pound G19 spring