Steyr Accessories

Grip Plugs Are Done!

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Mx-A1  $25.00


Original M Extended Grip Plug  $35.00

Extended Grip Plug

M Series Flush Fit Grip Plug  $35.00
Flush Fit Grip Plug


GLIDE-RITE Striker Spring Guide Rod Bushings

The Glide Rite bushings are machined from delrin bar to fit your Steyr’s striker spring guide rod. The O.D. of the bushing will fit inside the spring snugly. The hole is reamed oversize to minimize contact with the rod. It is then slit into two pieces to facilitate installation. Once installed, the spring holds the two halves together and the bevel on the bushing mates with the bevel inside the striker to ensure that the two pieces stay together in service.

Once installed, this bushing set will decrease the feeling of “creep” in your trigger, making it possible to squeeze the trigger slowly without any hitches for enhanced accuracy at longer distances as well as during slow fire situations.

Add these for a reliable way to improve the feel of your Steyr trigger.

Purchase for: $12 per set

Add these to a guide rod order and save on shipping!


Lee Spring alternative striker spring

4-4.5 pound pull weight.

—  DISCLAIMER: This reduced power striker spring runs well in guns whose actions have been polished.  So far it is running in only ~50% of box stock guns.  The issue is not light primer strikes.  The issue is trigger reset.  Based on other’s reports it either works 100% or not at all.   NEVER TRUST THIS IN A CARRY PISTOL!   I’ll continue to offer this spring as a good start for those that like to tinker with range/competition pistols

The Good News:

The Steyr striker spring is very snakey on the rod. This can cause the spring to contact both the rod and the striker creating friction and drag leading to “creep” in the trigger.

The main advantage to using this Lee Spring is its shorter length. It slips over the end of the factory spring guide rod. When installed it is compressed less and is less snakey on the rod. The striker spring assembly slips in and out of the striker with no drag.

When coupled with the delrin striker bushing set, the result is a virtually creep free trigger. Installation is easy and does not require any overly complicated dis-assembly.

CAUTION: The decrease in pull weight is directly related to a softer effective spring rate. This creates a possibility for light primer strikes. It is recommended only for range, target and competition shooting. A light hit at the range is a tap, rack, bang drill at worst. A light hit when your life depends on it is catastrophe.

Keeping your gun clean will ensure that it comes fully into battery and that all of the spring’s energy is directed into the primer. If your slide rails or your chamber are excessively dirty, some of the striker spring’s energy will be used pushing the slide into battery.

Purchase for: $3 ea. spring

Buy both the Glide-Rite Bushing and the Lee Spring for $15+$5 shipping. This may be the best $20 you spend on your Steyr.