M series, Mx-A1- All Calibers

B~T Guide Rods offers Sta-Tite, One Piece Captured and Non-Captured Guide Rods for the Steyr M series.

steyr statite promo

Steyr factory recoil springs are available for $16.00.

Steyr Sta-Tite Rod

Steyr: Sta-Tite Toolkit


Polished One Piece guide rod

Steyr One Piece Captured Rod

Steyr Non-Captured Rod

B~T will always recommend using the factory spring for dependable reliability.

If you prefer to have options, B~T can machine a Non-Captured OR a Sta-Tite guide rod for your Steyr pistol that uses Glock springs. Several shooters have had success using alternative springs, usually when there is something outside of normal being asked of the pistol; using a suppressor, shooting powder puff target loads or +p+ loads would be examples.

Contact Us if you’re interested in trying out a Glock sized spring in your Steyr.