Non-Captured Guide Rods

Non-Captured Guide Rod

B~T Non-Captured Guide Rods offer all the functional improvements over the stock plastic rod but trade one convenience  for another.

The spring will NOT remained compressed when the rod is removed from the slide. The spring can launch the guide rod across the room, across the range, even into the hood of your car!  This also means you must compress the spring as the rod is installed.

The convenience of a Non-Captured Guide Rod is the ability to quickly change springs without the use of any tool.

I must point out that for many shooters, a Non-Captured recoil spring is a nuisance tolerated because of the belief that a capturing screw will fall out.

That problem has been addressed successfully in the Sta-Tite Series.  The screw stays tight, without Loc-Tite!  I personally guarantee it.

Still want to stick with a Non-Captured rod?  No problem, BT has you covered.



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