One Piece Captured Series

Polished One Piece guide rod

M Series. One Piece Captured, Black One piece captured, close up of end

The B~T One Piece Captured series is a sure fire way to keep your recoil spring on its rod… no muss, no fuss.

Constructed entirely from One Piece of 316 Stainless Steel, its unique design permits the spring to be screwed onto the rod. Once the spring is on, it will not come off without the use of a tool.

The futuristic look from the muzzle end complements the squared off design of your Steyr pistol.

The Black Oxide treatment blends well with the gun’s matte black finish while the polished finish can add a little sparkle to the front of your pistol.

Steyr One Piece Captured Rod

For convenience of changing springs, B~T offers a TOOLKIT which allows the user to easily change springs as necessary.

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