Sta-Tite Tool kit video

Sta-Tite Toolkit

The toolkit is the secret to the Sta-Tite Guide Rod. Using it, anyone can quickly and easily dis-assemble the rod for spring swapping or an obsessively thorough cleaning.

Sta-Tite collet clamp block

A purpose built collet block firmly clamps the head of the guide rod without damaging it and provides a place for the spring compressor to twist-lock the spring down.
sta-tite spring compressor

button collet clamp block
Another collet block firmly clamps the screw allowing a plain round button to be used for cosmetic purposes.  With these tools, the user is able to apply more tightening torque than when using a pair of pliers and a hex key.

With 3X normal thread engagement, a generous counterbore to guide the screw, hardened material for the rod and ample material to allow the screw to stretch, the assembly is virtually bullet-proof and will “Sta-Tite without loc-tite

Sta-Tite rods are available with springs installed, meaning you don’t need a toolkit unless you’d like to dis-assemble the rod to swap on a new spring or clean it with the spring removed.

Who should buy a toolkit?

A shooter who has already noticed a need to replace the recoil spring frequently. Recoil springs can last 3-5 thousand rounds but it’s a good idea to test your spring to know that it’s functioning properly. If you’re shooting 500-1000 rounds a week using a 13 pound spring in a Glock 34, a toolkit would be a good idea as this spring will be replaced frequently.

If you’re a casual shooter who shoots 100-200 rounds per month, your spring may last a couple of years. In that case it may make more sense to simply send your rod back to B~T for a new spring.

Or hey… you can always grab some vise-grips and scratch it all up!!!

Purchase any toolkit for $38.00

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