Walther PPS

Sta-Tite Guide Rods for the PPS are in stock ready to rock.

This assembly will drop into both the M2 variant as well as the Classic.

The rod is made from 17-4 P.H.-H1150  hardened to 32-34 Rockwell C.  This material wears well, resists corrosion and provides for a strong threaded joint when coupled with the…

Screw which is machined from 300 series Stainless Steel and features a plain round button.  Bead blasted and black oxide treated, this screw will enhance the aesthetics  of your pistol.  No hex head screw in the front of your PPS!!

The rod and screw feature a  proven thread design that will Sta-Tite without Loc-tite.

PPS Sta-Tite Rod dis-assembled

PPS Sta-Tite Rod and Screw

PPS non-captured?

PPS Sta-Tite Assembled... Polished

Pricing and availability:

The PPS Sta-Tite Rod is $32.00    The assembly toolkit is $38.00

The factory spring assemblies are $42.00.


The PPS uses the same recoil springs in 9mm and .40sw.

There are three options for you to choose from.

1) Buy a rod with new factory springs installed @ $74.00  and keep your stock assembly as a backup.

WALTHER PPS SPRINGS ARE HERE!  BT is accepting orders.

Walther PPS Sta-Tite rod w/ factory springs

2) Buy a rod and a toolkit and use your existing springs @ $70.00.  This way you’ll be ready to swap new springs on when you need them.

Walther PPS Sta-Tite Toolkit

3) Send BT your existing recoil assembly and only purchase the rod @ $32.00.   No sense buying $42.00 springs when you already have a set, right?

Walther PPS Sta-Tite ROD ONLY

Hopefully one of these options most closely fits your needs.  If, for example, you’d like a rod with springs and a toolkit, simply select option 1 then add “just the toolkit” from option 2.  Need one toolkit and 3 rods but using your existing springs?  No problem!  “just a toolkit” and then “PPS Sta-Tite rod only” and select the finish.


PPS Sta-Tite rods are currently available .   PPS Springs are in stock.   The Walther toolkit works with PPS, PPQ, P99 and P99c rods and is in stock.


Please send an email to:  [email protected] with any questions.

PS…  Sorry about the double watermark on the pics!

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