Walther P99/PPQ/PPQ M2

P99/PPQ/PPQ M2  Sta-Tite guide rods are available as drop-in assemblies with factory springs direct from Germany.


The PPQ and PPQ M2 share the same recoil assembly with the P99.   .40SW and 9mm use the same spring.




P99 Sta-Tite Guide Rod

P99 assortment

Remove plastic, replace with metal

By adhering to the manufacturer’s dimensions, fit is assured.

By using the factory spring, function is assured.

When you install a BT rod, you can rest assured that your pistol will function properly.

capturing buttons, factory and Sta-Tite

2 finishes

All Sta-Tite rods are Black Oxide treated.  The capturing button visible in the front of the slide is the finish choice.

rear shot

You can clearly see that the rod is not “chewed up” during assembly, yet sufficient torque has been applied via the toolkit to ensure that this rod won’t come apart until desired.

P99 Sta-Tite guide rod w/ Factory Spring

The P99 and PPQ use the same recoil spring in 9mm and .40sw.



Do you have a 5″ PPQ?  It uses an orange 48N spring. BT has them in stock for drop-in convenience. Choose standard length or an extended length that fills the dust cover for a finished look and additional weight. Call to order the 5″ model. 412-542-8189

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