Sta-Tite Series 2 pc. Guide Rod

Sta-Tite Guide Rod

Introducing the STA-TITE Guide Rod from B~T Guide Rods.

The attractive “no tool look” of the Sta-Tite Series is absolutely unique in the industry. Watch the video to see the how and why.

The rod itself is made from Stainless Steel alloy, 17-4 PH-H1150. The hardness of H1150 affords extremely high cycle life while resisting the scoring that typically occurs from the sliding spring. Your STA-TITE rod is precision machined to dimensions that minimize spring snaking then highly polished yielding incredibly smooth slide cycling. Finally, the rod is black oxide treated. Chosen for cosmetics as well as its oil film retention quality, black oxide provides a measure of permanent lubricity and further enhances the already smooth operation while remaining relatively dry to the touch, not attracting dirt or powder residue.

The capturing screw is machined from 303 Stainless Steel bar chosen for:

1) its extreme corrosion resistance, 2) the hardness differential between rod and screw which minimizes thread galling opportunities, and 3) machining properties that assure a high quality thread finish. It is black oxide treated for cosmetic purposes. On assembly, molybdenum disulfude lubricant is applied to the threads, moly’s extreme pressure and surface impregnation qualities assure lubricity and further minimize thread galling possibilities over a lifetime of use.

All B~T Sta-Tite Series Guide Rods incorporate a proprietary thread joint design that includes: 1) 3x the normal thread engagement for repeated assembly/disassembly without stripping, 2) a generous counterbore that guides the screw to assure ease of assembly with no opportunity for cross threading, and 3) ample bolt stretch which assures tightness over a broad range of assembly torques. These assembly torques are easily accomplished with the B~T assembly tools.

Tightened by the strongest of the strong, the screw suffers no damage. Tightened by the weakest of the weak, the screw will not loosen in service. No Locktite! It’s Sta-Tite!

The B~T design team took a no-holds-barred, clean sheet approach to offer the best possible features in a two piece, captured guide rod assembly. With the innovative and feature laden design, the simplistic beauty of the “no tool look”, the Sta-Tite Series is the finest, most attractive two piece guide rod available…. hands down… bar none!

All STA-TITE Rods are $32.00 and are available pre-assembled with a new factory spring. Click the appropriate link below to be taken to your pistol’s page to order.



You can count on a recoil spring to last 3,000 rounds, however, it’s a good idea to test your recoil spring periodically. When your recoil spring is worn, the tool kit used to assemble and disassemble the Sta-Tite Guide Rod is available for $38.00. With it, swapping a spring on a captured guide rod has never been easier. Alternatively, you may send your rod back to B~T to have a new spring put on.

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