The collectible authentic BT cowboy hat

I don’t care who you are, this right here is funny!

Fill out your Steyr collection with “the one and only authentic bigtaco collectible cowboy hat”!!!!

Cowboy hat, side

With BT, form always follows function and the “bigtaco collectible cowboy hat” is no different.   Not shown (for purposes of design secrecy)  the atttractively utilitarian tin foil lining is crafted from “premium” reynolds wrap.  This ultra-durable lining ensures that the gov’t CANNOT read or control your brain waves, which they’ll surely try to do when you’re wearing this hat.

Decorative pin

Most noticeable is the decorative pin, an original center cap from BT’s own 2008 tacoma.  Signed and dated by the man himself, this center cap is capable of going over 100 mph into any guardrail as reported by the NHTSA.

When pinned to the stylish cowboy hat, you’re making a statement that says,  “I gotta have anything BT whips together”

center cap close up

A bargain at twice the price, this one of a kind retails for $79.99 +  $8.99 shipping.


(no cowboy hats were harmed in the making of this parody)

This satire is purely for web development.  However,  if you click the button I really will send this to you.  Be careful, click wisely.

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